Improving Child Nutrition.

Supporting Local Agriculture.

Principals in the United States


Charlotte Farin, Ph.D.  Project Director and Professor, Department of Animal  Science, North  Carolina State University.  Dr. Farin is the project founder and  provides leadership for all project activities.  She has expertise in the area of cattle, sheep and goat management, with particular emphasis on the use of reproductive technologies to improve breeding  efficiency.  Dr. Farin  also has experience in curriculum development,  educational materials  development, workshop delivery, undergraduate  & graduate teaching as well as in graduate student  training.

Principals in Gressier Haiti


Elizabeth Bird, MS.   Ms. Bird is a graduate of Texas A & M University and resides on the Christianville Haiti campus for the majority of the year coordinating guest relations for Christianville.  She also works closely  with Dr. Farin to help facilitate project activities, particularly  within the Farm-to-Fork program.

Dlous Onesias. Mr. Onesias is responsible for  day-to-day supervision of the goat production unit on the Christianville  farm campus as well as coordination of market goat purchases and Chili  Kabrit delivery for the Farm-to-Fork program. Mr. Onesias is a graduate  of Zamorano University (Honduras).  Dlous is assisted by our farm crew members, Pierre Louis Mackenson and Jean Rennell.

Jacque Fortilus. Haitian-born, US-trained chef and director of the Culinary Institute training program  at the Christianville Haiti site.  Mr. Fortilus coordinates the  preparation of the Chili Kabrit (goat meat-vegetable chili) for distribution to local school children.

Mythzard Thelisma. Ms.Thelisma is the financial manager for the Christianville Haiti campus and coordinates local-level  accounting management for the Haiti Goat  Project.

Billy Pierre. Transportation coordinator.  Mr. Pierre ensures that vehicles required for all project activities involving the movement of animals and supplies as well as Chili Kabrit deliveries are arranged.

The Haiti Goat Project is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.