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Supporting Local Agriculture.

Our Partners and Supporters

Christianville Foundation Haiti

Christianville Foundation Haiti in Gressier Haiti is the location where the Haiti Goat Project activities are based.

Christianville was established in 1978 by Jim & Carol Herget with  a mission to reach the poorest of people in Haiti with spiritual and  humanitarian aid. The Hergets saw a need to establish an orphanage and  to meet the spiritual needs of the people in the Christianville area.   Jean Claude Duvalier, President of Haiti, donated land to Christianville for the establishment of an orphanage and to provide humanitarian assistance.

Since its start in 1978, Christianville has expanded its ministries through its volunteers,  students, workers, and ministry partners.  Today,  they operate four schools, adult technical school, children’s feeding  programs, pastoral outreach, several agricultural extension programs, and work with eight churches throughout Haiti. They provide a safe platform for groups, such as the Haiti Goat Project, to develop outreach programs within the community.


Saint Andrew the Apostle Catholic Church

Saint Andrew parish is located in Apex, North Carolina and has been a strong supporter since the inception of the Haiti Goat Project in 2006.  

We are so grateful for all of the enthusiastic participation of the Saint Andrew's parishioners in all things Haiti Goat!


Brüeprint Brewing Company

Eric Wagner, founder & owner of Brüeprint, has been a generous supporter of the Haiti Goat Project since 2018.  Our goats particularly go for the Pale Brüe Eyes brew with its floral, honey, citrus, and especially, biscuit flavor profile.


Would your organization like to partner with the Haiti Goat Project?

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The Haiti Goat Project is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.